Refresher & Glow Facials

Refresher Facials

Foaming Enzyme Treatment Facial – (50 min)

This effervescent treatment features active foaming agents for light and effective exfoliation for all skin types – leaving the skin clear and glowing for days.

Honey Enzyme Facial (50 min)

This Luxurious, exfoliating, hydrating facial enhances skin with gentle massage and soothing hydration. Effective for all skin types – leaving skin as smooth and soft as it’s ever been.

MEN’s Facial with Microdermabrasion

(50 minute or enhanced 75 minutes of relaxation incorporating a soothing hand and foot treatment)
Facials aren’t just for women! Take into consideration – pollution, dust from traffic or living an active outdoors lifestyle can clog your pores with toxins that lead to a dull, aged look. Men are more prone to blocked pores and blackheads than women are. Deep-pore cleansing, moisturizing, microdermabrasion, and toning that a regular facial provides will improve the overall look and health of your skin. Our Men’s facials are formulated specifically for a man’s special needs and provide relief from shaving, razor burn, skin sensitivities, acne, excessive sweating, clogged pores, roughness, skin pigmentation, sun damage and dullness. Some men simply get a facial purely for the relaxation and stress-relieving properties it provides.

The FiSZZ Facial (50 Minutes)

The FiSZZ Facial is designed to smooth, brighten and purify your skin instantly, while taking you on a journey of fantastic sensations. This luxurious, effervescent, citric acid resurfacing mask exfoliates and smooths, while providing a champagne-like sensation when activated with the COPPER MIST. Ideal for all skin types, this truly effective facial is designed to provide you with immediate and lasting results.
• This Transcendent and highly sensational treatment works to instantly purify and smooth the skin, producing notable clinical improvements, including a brighter, smoother and softer complexion. Patented effervescent Citric Acid masque.
• This remarkable FiSZZ FACIAL SYSTEM offers breakthrough resurfacing properties, but also smooths while producing a more youthful glow
• Warming honey cleanser – Warming honey & papaya enzyme combine to cleanse your skin while providing an aromatic and nurturing sensation. WARMING HONEY CLEANSER gently removes debris and dead skin cells while protecting the natural ceramide barrier. The benefits of honey to skin have been known since ancient times. These include moisturization, free radical scavenging, and antimicrobial effects. Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) protects against free radicals, is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory
• Clarifying mud masque – A citrus & rosemary clarifying mud masque that opens the skins’ pores, gently drawing out additional impurities.
CLARIFYING MUD MASQUE incorporates algae from the Northern Atlantic which protects the humectant qualities of glowing skin. This uniquely formulated mud masque optimizes moisture levels in the skin, while it brightens skin tone, protects against oxidative damage, provides anti-inflammatory protection and encourages healthy cellular metabolism.
• Extractions – optional
• Effervescent FiSZZ masque – An effervescent citric acid resurfacing masque that exfoliates & smooths while providing a champagne-like sensation.
• Copper firming mist – A copper and botanical refreshing mist that aids in collagen production. COPPER FIRMING MIST contains copper, an important human trace element, necessary for collagen synthesis. This innovative mist includes emollients to protect skin moisture, saponins which stimulate healthy immunity, herbal components which lessen age-related puffiness, and it also helps to regulate sebaceous gland activity.

Fire & Ice – Innovative Facial

(50 min or enhanced 75 minute includes: face, neck, décolleté, soothing hand and foot treatment)
This intensive clinical facial is designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing, softening, and encouraging cellular renewal. The centerpiece of this remarkable treatment system is a combination of two therapeutic masques. The extremely powerful INTENSIVE RESURFACING MASQUE is clinically formulated with: sugar cane extract (a source of glycolic acid), citric acid, apple extract, retinol (vitamin A), niacinamide (vitamin B3), and potent antioxidants – including green tea extract. The second masque is the REJUVENATING MASQUE, which is a soothing, hydrating treatment formulated with sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), aloe vera, green tea extract, licorice extract, grape seed extract, and rosemary extract. In addition to the professional-only masques, this incredible facial masque is complemented by a unique combination of serums and crèmes. Awakening your senses, this phenomenal system incorporates both active and soothing formulas, which evoke aromas of warm cinnamon spice and brisk cool peppermint. A clinically active treatment system designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing, softening and encouraging cellular renewal.