Aura Chemical Peel

Aura Chemical Peels


is one of our branded chemical peels, indicated for reactive, sensitive skin that is prone to redness. Gently exfoliating and far less irritating than traditional peels, the mild acids do not burn, wound, or injure the skin, but leave your skin with improved texture and appearance.


is the second of our branded peels, indicated for those suffering from acne. It uses a combination of vitamin A and acids derived from natural sources that are both anti-bacterial and anti-aging. This combination works to clarify the skin as well as brighten the complexion.


is the “biggest” of our branded peels, indicated to address melasma, and other skin imperfections. Patients are instructed to adhere to a strict, easy-to-follow, at-home, skin regimen, in order to produce the desired results. A consultation prior to this peel is highly recommended.

The Enzyme Fusion Peel

works by harnessing the actions of multiple exfoliating ingredients to:
• Minimizing risk, downtime, and pain – Fusion Peel is perfect for EVERYONE
• Dissolves oil, cellular debris, and blockages.
• Lifts off dead skin, destroys unwanted epidermal cells
• Removes the outermost layers of skin without causing intense discomfort or irritation

Amazing Skin Benefits
• Acne reduction
• Evens discoloration
• Softens fine lines & wrinkles
• Reduces age spots, melasma, discoloration
• Improves skin texture and tone
• Increases collagen & elastin growth
• Enjoy a glowing and youthful complexion

Contains glycolic, lactic salicylic, resorcinol, and fruit enzymes

Salicylic Acid: A keratolytic and comedolytic agent that causes skin cells to shed more readily, opens clogged pores, neutralizes bacteria, constricts pore diameter, and stimulates new cell growth.

Glycolic Acid: The primary Alpha Hydroxy Acid used in chemical exfoliation to improve the skin’s overall appearance, tone and texture by weakening the binding properties of the lipids that hold the dead skin cells together thus causing them to shed faster than normal.

Trichloroacetic Acid: A medium to deep peeling agent that works by coagulating the proteins in the skin cells thereby causing tissue (epidermal) destruction. When used in a chemical peel, this action results in the minimization or correction of many skin flaws: sagging, sun damage, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, rough texture.

Resorcinol: Helps remove rough, scaly skin via its keratolytic action making it useful in treating seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, acne, psoriasis, flaky skin, and rosacea while also addressing discoloration, signs of aging, and dull skin tone.

Lactic Acid: Belonging to the AHA family, lactic acid is generally used to treat those who: have grown tolerant of glycolic, have pigmented skin, uneven skin tone, drier skin types, or younger skin wishing to do preventative maintenance.

Enzyme Complex: Pumpkin Enzyme, Pineapple Enzyme, Papaya Enzyme – Enzymes work by actually breaking down or dissolving the material that make up a skin cell thus resulting in the removal of the outermost layer of epidermal cells. Skin is left smooth, soft, more permeable (for treatment products), glowing, and refreshed.

*Above AURA peels come with a 30-day“kit” of specific products, used to support your treatment after you leave the office. They are included in the price of the peel.